Spot Varnish

Spot Varnish is a particular process where certain text, objects, shapes or patterns are over varnished with a coating to create a special effect on the label.

The most common process is matt laminate + gloss spot varnish. This gives the effect of two contrasting finishes on the one label, so some components are matt finish and other components are gloss finish, to highlight the area or create a contrast.

When applying gloss spot varnish over a matt finish, the effect of the gloss will create a colour contrast, for example, when black is printed, matt laminated and a spot varnish is applied over the matt, the black colour changes and contrasts to create two blacks, making the gloss spot varnish stand out. 

Spot Varnish can give quite an impressive finish to your stickers and labels, and as a result, we have created a number of effects available with the spot varnish. Spot Varnish is available as both a gloss spot varnish or matt spot varnish.

We can laminate your labels with a gloss laminate, matt laminate, velvet laminate as well as gloss oil laminate or matt oil laminate, which are not film laminates. This can be contrasted then with a gloss spot varnish or matt spot varnish. 

As our spot varnish is not just the oil laminate or UV coating, but a proper spot varnish, the spot varnish is raised on the printed label, and you can feel the finished texture of the spot varnish. We can create some very interesting effects with the matt spot varnish.

If you are unsure, we are here to assist you with your purchasing experience. We have been supplying stickers from our factories in Australia for over 15 years, and have more than 100 years combined experience in stickers. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide options to create a unique label and product branding for you.

Spot Varnish

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