Protecting your product and integrity is getting more difficult by the day. StickerMaster has a range of solutions to suit your warranty requirements.

With warranty stickers, you will know if your products have been tampered with or the goods have been opened. Have a look at our options below and see how these warrantly labels can benefit you and your business.


Breakaway (Eggshell) Stickers

Breakaway stickers are impossible to remove without destroying them. Made using a specially formulated material, these stickers are delicate and self destruct like an eggshell once applied. Breakaway stickers can be printed 1 colour or full colour, available on rolls or sheets, and can be plain stock or laminated.

We have a range of standard products available to warranty date purposes. These stickers are also used for product identificaton stickers to ensure your loaned items being returned are the same as supplied and are used as item identification labels.


Void Stickers

Our mylar void stickers are available in both white and metallic silver base stock. These high quality tamper evident stickers include a component within the sticker which pulls out when the stickers are removed, leaving the word void on the product and removed from the label so it can not be replaced. Mylar stickers also show evidence of tampering at the edges if there is an attempt to remove the label from the product.


Transparent Seal Stickers

We have a range of standard size transparent seals for boxes to seal the top and bottom as evidence of the box being opened. These seals fold over the box sides so the flap cannot be opened without removing the sticker. These stickers are typically used for cosmetic and pharmaceutical type boxes.


X-Cut Stickers

X-Cut stickers are used on standard paper unlaminated stickers where custom printed and die cut with an X within the sticker. When the stickers are removed or tampered with, the sticker tear at the X making the sticker unusable and non replacable.


HoloFoil Stickers

Our holofoil stickers are a great product to confirm the item is genuine. Holofoils are not easily replicated and cannot be scanned due to the nature of the material. Perfect for seals of authenticity.


Jar Seal Stickers

We have a range of seal labels available specifically for sealing jars and paper bags to confirm the contents have not been tampered with, giving your customer peace of mind. Typically printed on uncoated paper, these stickers are printed to your design on our predefined templates.


If you are unsure, we are here to assist you with your purchasing experience. As we have factories in Australia, we control the manufacture and can custom print to your requirement, size, shape, quantity, laminate, colour, and more. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide options to create a unique label and product branding for you.


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