Shipments are required to be signed by the end user as received. We therefore utilise couriers with signature capabilities to confirm that shipments are received.

Note that you, as the customer, are still required to have shipping insurance to cover any missing or damaged shipments. If you require shipping insurance, please advise when quoting as this can be added to the shipping costs.

Goods will not be given an automatic "authority to leave" "at the gate, the fence, in the bushes or the doghouse", as this helps ensure there is evidence of parcels arriving.

If you require an authority to leave for you or your customer, then the correct authority form is to be signed. This ensures that there is no confusion about the responsibility of the article and that if there is no signature confirming delivery, we are unable to assist in any way, other than provide an initial tracking number. It would not be appropriate to have parcels left at the door at the request of "A" request, only to have those parcels missing and expect it to be the responsibility of "B"

Please only print and sign these forms if you understand that all responsibility for any missing article resides with the signatory or business of. 

Authority to Leave Australia Post

Authority to Leave GO Logistics

Authority to Leave TNT