All orders placed are subject to the terms and conditions current at the time the order is placed. Terms and conditions may change from time to time, and the terms and conditions current at the time of placing the order will be the relevant terms and conditions.


All quotes are subject to review of the final artwork.

As we do not always see the artwork prior to providing a quote, the production method quoted, may not always be suitable for the final design provided. Designs may also change from the quoted artwork, and the quote may change accordingly. This is particularly the case where final designs have fine text or strokes included in the artwork, or where the requested item is not particularly suited to the final artwork. 

It is always best to provide designs where able, as this will assist us to select the correct production and materials. Where designs are unavailable, we can only quote based on information available and the quote may change or files be rejected where the file is not suitable to the quoted production methods. 


Colour Variation

As we have a vast array of print machines available to print your products, there are many methods with which products may be printed. These include digital, offset, flexograph, lithograph, sublimation and more.
This allows printing in one colour, 4 colour and PMS colours, specific to the product and machine print. Many items are printed with group print methods to allow economy of scale and create better pricing for our customers. As items may be grouped together, we do not provide any colour matching. Colour variation may occur with products from press to press, run to run, stock to stock, back to front and within print runs. Varnish and laminate finishes may also affect the finished colour result. If you need more information about group printing, please ask, as we do not reprint items for colour or shade variations, and it is the customers responsibility to understand this concept. Colour acceptance is determined by our quality control.

Repeat Order

As we have a vast array of print machines available to print your products, there are many methods with which products may be printed. These include digital, offset, flexograph, lithograph, sublimation and more. 
With this in mind, some machines may be offline at times for repairs, servicing, or other faults which do occur in busy production facilities, otherwise, production loadings may be to an extent that jobs are routed through alternate machines to keep producition running. This means repeat orders may not always be on the same machine as originally printed, and therefore, colour variation may occur. Refer the information above in colour variation.
If colour consistency is the most important component of a job, please ensure that the job is noted as repeat order when the order is quoted and again when placed. As we process many orders every day, we may not recognise an order as a repeat at quote or order processing. We also clearly know and therefore state, colour variation between print jobs may occur. This means that we may change from the original print machine, or the original print machine may not be available. Due to this, colour variation may occur as the product is changed to a different print machine. By advising that the job is specifically a repeat, this allows us to review the original print information, and determine the effect of altering machines, or move the item to the original machine where available. Where the customer does not advise it is a repeat order at the time the quote is requested, this may also mean that costing changes to suit the alternate machine. Any change in cost where an alternate quote is required due to changing machines will be added to the Sales Order, as it will be regarded as a different quote. Where the item is not specified as a repeat order, variation in cost or colour should be expected as quotes are based on printing on a specific machine. Where the item must be changed to a different print machine as the original machine is not available, colour variation may occur. Colour variation will not be determined after the print is complete based on the original print, as it is expected, and therefore, not a surprise that it will occur.  
If you need more information about repeat orders, please ask, as we do not reprint items for colour or shade variations, and it is the customers responsibility to understand this concept. Colour acceptance is determined by our quality control.


All electronic files should be supplied to the specifications as per the design template page on each product listing, or as otherwise advised. These specifications include all bleed and file type requirements. Each product has a template available which specifies the exact requirements for bleed and finished sizing. Artwork which is not supplied to the dimensions as per our template dimensions may be printed at the customers risk and responsibility. Crop marks are not required, and templates should be downloaded to ensure correct file sizing.
Whilst all care is taken in checking files for errors which may affect the quality of the finished article, we accept no responsibility for files which are not print ready and all files are printed as received.
We do not charge a download fee, artwork fee or other setup fee for files supplied as print ready unless specifically noted in the price guide.
As we are the printer and not the designer, we do not alter, adjust or manipulate files as received in any way, and all files are printed as received. Any Design Support provided by us is done so at the scheduled fee prices, and responsibility for the finished artwork remains with the customer.

- Overprint : Files should not be set to have overprint. Doing so may create issues where items do not print, or show through the print. We do not check for files with overprint, that is the responsibility of the designer. If you are unsure if you have overprint set, save the file as a JPG image, and the overprint result will show in the image. The overprint results will not show in the original file or when saved as a PDF. If your file is supplied with overprint set, we will not reprint the files to correct the incorrectly supplied artwork. All responsibilities will remain with the original designer.



Orders placed by electronic documents are not deemed as received until an order confirmation has been received by email return to the customer. If an order confirmation document is not received within 4 working hours of sending artwork, it is the customer’s responsibility to follow up on the status of the order. 
Once the order confirmation has been signed by off the customer and returned, the order is final and can not be cancelled.
Orders may be changed or artwork re supplied prior to the order confirmation being confirmed by the customer.
All files must be accompanied with the customer details and full details of all the order requirements, and any specific details for the order.

It is the customers responsibility to carefully check the proof and order confirmation to ensure that all information is correct and as required. Any changes to the original quote request should be highlighted, as the quote will be converted to the order.

If the item on the sales order is not as required, or the proof is not as expected, do not approve the order. Orders which are approved are printed as per the sales order and can not be changed once printed. Changes can always be made prior to print, but never after.



Trimming and folding variances of +/- 1mm may occur due to the cutting processes in place. This must be allowed for when setting up artwork. Product bleeds are detailed in the templates. All critical information should be kept 2-3mm from the cutting lines on the artwork to allow for movement in cutting. It is the customers responsibility to understand the result of various finishes on the different stocks, such as cracking and colour variations.



Any representations made in relation to completion or delivery dates are made based on information available at the time, and are not guaranteed delivery dates. We will not guarantee any delivery date but estimate when the finished product will typically be supplied to the customer. 
We will not be liable for any delays to receipt of finished products, whether occurring from within our facilities or by any third party provider, including shipping delays. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any loss of earning or legal action taken as a result of any delays in production or delivery of any goods or services ordered.
Goods are shipped by the most convenient method available at the time of shipping, and responsibility for the goods is passed to the customer at the time they leave the factory. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have adequate insurance to cover any loss or damage suffered in transit between the factory and the customer.

If additional shipping insurance is required, TNT offers shipping insurance at an additional cost. Please ask for a quote if shipping insurance is required.

The customer will, upon receipt of the parcel, inspect the carton, and in the event of damage to the cartons, goods should be signed as received damaged with the courier. Goods not noted as received damaged cartons with the courier will not be addressed further. The customer should inspect the goods upon opening the cartons and advise within 3 working days after delivery any errors or shortages, quoting the Invoice Number and all other relevant details.



Prices do not include delivery. Whilst we endeavor to have the online pricing accurate at all times, prices may not always be accurate due to typing errors or software malfunction, including unwanted access to our back end pricing systems. When pricing is not accurate, the product may be removed from sale until the reason for the inaccuracy is determined, and all prices may be removed if the pricing system breach warrants. 

Shipping costs shown at check out will relate to the customer postcode as per the account details at login, as if the goods are shipped direct to customer in one shipment. Where the goods are to be shipped direct to the end user, label house, bottling plant or other alternate address, or shipped in multiple shipments, shipping costs may vary to based on a different postcode. 



We do not have accounts or account customers. All goods are to be paid in full prior to printing.

All goods are sold ‘ex-works’.

If additional shipping insurance is required, TNT offers shipping insurance at an additional cost. Please ask for a quote if shipping insurance is required.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.


Customer Supplied Terms and Conditions

Any Purchase Order Terms and Conditions attached to your purchase order will be disregarded, as we will not read them, and we will not be subject to any terms and conditions other than that as required under Australian retail law and our own Terms and Conditions. We do not have time to go through customers individual written wish list, and may not be able to comply with each customers unique wish list. Particularly, as we have not agreed to any additional requirements when quoting, it is improper to try and impose additional requirements after the quote has been supplied.

We will supply in the same manner to all customers, which have been proven to be efficient and effective for many, many years. If there is any specific request or requirement, please call us to discuss. If we are unable to comply with your request, we will advise. If we agree to any specific requests, it will be entered onto the sales order, including shipping direct to end customers. 

To operate a business cost efficiently, which all of our customers benefit from with our pricing, we are unable to change our methodology for standard products for individual requirements, as part of our standard quoting process, and therefore, customer supplied terms and conditions will be considered null and void, unless specifically part of the quoted pricing and agreed to at the point of quote. Processing of the customer Purchase Order with terms and conditions attached does in no way reflect and agreement to any attached Terms and Conditions, which will be regarded and a void addendum.

Please understand our terms and conditions carefully, and if you do not agree, it is wise to not place an order. This term and condition point exists, as unfortunately, some companies like to add 2 or 3 page fine print terms and conditions to their orders after we have already supplied a very cost effective quote. Hence they are placing the actual order based on our quote, not the additional list they attach. The only thing a Purchase Order is good for is the number. 


Promotional Images

We may use images and/or samples of products printed for promotional purposes. This may include, but is not limited to, images on the web site, images in promotional material, images for explanatory, print methodology or material identification purposes, hard samples for customer review. Print files will not be shared between clients, and image use is for promotional purposes only, to assist print, product and material identification only. If you do not agree for products to be used for promotional purposes, please advise when placing your order.


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