Premium Business Cards are digitally printed on one of the latest High Definition Digital Presses available.

This machine is capable of printing CMYK + White, Silver and Gold

Premium business cards allow for heavier stocks and many different finishes and embellishments.

Processed through up to 4 machines, card designs need to allow for the multi machine processing.

Here are some ticks and tricks you should know, relating to the design and production of Premium Business Cards.

Note that as there are many options, all cards are required to be set up in our design templates.

Any cards not set up in our design templates will be rejected, or require additional layout charges.

It is important to read the information below and understand the product and placement of the components within the template.

Errors in setup may delay production or cause incorrect production processes.

We do not reprint for errors in design set up or not understanding production outcomes.

Due to the complexity of some designs and limitations with the various finishes, designs may be rejected at manufacture or changes may be required to suit.

Information below will assist with design and reduce chance of rejection of designs.


- Art Boards can be laminated with Gloss or Matt Laminate

Each product listing shows the available combinations of gloss, matt or no lamination.

Specific requests such as matt laminate one side and gloss laminate the other, or matt laminate one side and no laminate the other may be accommodated through separate quote.

Some embellishments, such as spot uv, spot varnish and spot foil, are only available on matt laminate and product listings will only reflect matt laminate.


Spot UV

Spot UV is a lightly raised, but highly detailed, gloss contrast finish for matt laminate business cards.

Spot UV is the preferred method where fine text or detail is required, and is the perfect compliment to Spot Foil.

Spot Varnish

Spot UV is a raised, but less detailed, gloss contrast finish for matt laminate business cards.

Spot Varnish is used for less critical, larger area items, for a more raised effect. The larger the main object the more raised the Spot Varnish.

Spot Varnish is not suitable for small, and will run together where small gaps appear between the varnish. Where small text is required for varnish contrast, Spot UV is more suitable. 

Flat Foil

Flat Foil is similar finish to hot stamping, however, it is placed onto the card prior to printing.

Flat Foiling allows for quite detailed foil design work, specifically when on white base cards.

Care has to be taken with the design to understand the effect of foiling prior to printing.

As we do not know your specific design outcome requirement, it is important that you understand the following when creating your design, as any error in set up is the responsibility of the original designer. If you do not understand, please ask, as expectations do not always meet reality when it is not understood the effect of different finishes.

When placed on the card prior to printing, light colours can be printed over the foil, giving those colours a metallic look.

Darker colours, such as black, red, blue, purples, etc, printed over silver foil will remove any shine in those places. The higher the ink %age, the less metallic the colours will look. With this in mind, flat foil is not recommended for darker cards, particularly black backgrounds. Spot Foil should be used in these instances.

When printing over the foil for reverse foiling, the underlying foil and foil line may be noticeable. When bleeding over foil, registration movement between the print and foil will occur, and foil line may be noticeable under the print. This is due to the foil being placed prior to printing on separate equipment.

Foil colours will look gloss when used on uncoated or under gloss laminate materials, and matt when under matt laminate materials. For example, gold flat foil under matt laminate will look matt gold.

Dark printed colour cards, such as black background cards, require significantly more care with the design layout. These cards are best embellished with Spot Foil as the foil is placed over the laminate as per traditional foil cards and is easier to understand the finished result. Placement for Spot Foil, which is also quite detailed but with a raised effect, is less complicated for design requirements.

Spot (Raised) Foil

Spot Foil is a final process item, and can be placed over matt laminate only.

Spot foil has a detailed finish and raised textured feel. A perfect complement to Spot UV.

Spot foil is the preferred foil method, and can be processed on one or two sides, over matt laminate only.

3D Foil

Coming Soon

Metallic Inks

Coming Soon

Laser Etching

Coming Soon

Laser Cutting

Coming Soon


- We have a range of materials available for the print production of Premium Business Cards

Currently Available

380gsm Ivory Board (note that this is a different card to the standard 380gsm cotton ivory board)

450gsm Art Board

520gsm Art Board