PVC 0.76mm
White Base Card
Magnetic Strip
  • PVC 0.76mm
White Base Card
Magnetic Strip

PVC Cards - 0.76mm Gloss - White - Lo-Co Mag Strip


PVC Cards - 0.76mm Gloss - White - Lo-Co Magnetic Strip

PVC Cards - 0.76mm - Specifications as per credit cards

This is a standard PVC Card with a Lo-Co Magnetic Strip on the rear of the card

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For product specifications, see Product Details section below. 

For design requirements and design template, see Attachments section below.

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PVC Cards - 0.76mm Gloss White - Lo-Co Magnetic Strip

Our PVC Cards are available in a range of weights and finishes.

The PVC Card 0.76mm, all variations, are produced to the same specifications as credit cards by size and weight.

With a standard size of 86mm x 54mm and 0.76mm thick, these cards have a wide range of options.

The most popular options are shown in the different product groups allowing easy price calculation. 

Not all options are compatible, such as foiling and thermal printing on the same side.

Other options are available but not shown, such and foiling and metallic ink on one card.

For more information on product options, see below. If you have any questions or some specific requirements, please let us know.


Data sheet

Card Weight
0.76mm PVC
Standard Size
86mm x 54mm
Select from list
Print Type
Print Sides
Double Side Print
Round Corners
Foil Stamping
Optional - Predefined Range
Not Available
Standard Die Cut
Not Available
Custom Die Cut
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Specific References


Standard Size PVC Card

Template for Standard Size PVC Card

Download (382.16k)