Std Paper - Gloss Laminate


These labels are offset print and guillotine cut. 

Group Printed, these are a cost effective, yet quality offset print product.

Square Corners Only, see description below for more information.

Standard Size
Quantity - Per Name/Design


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Standard Offset Print Stickers

- Paper Gloss Laminate

Our Standard Stickers are group printed Full Colour on offset presses. 


Sticker prices are based on area used.

Minimum size is 90mm x 50mm.

These labels can be guillotine trimmed to your required size, using the next size up available.

For example,

for a 90mm x 50mm sticker, use the 90mm x 50mm price.

for a 148mm x 105mm sticker, use the 182mm x 110mm price.


Check the Product Detail tab for other specifications.

Download the template from the Design Template tab.

Bleed for these items is 1mm only.

For example,

Finished size of 100mm x 100mm must be supplied as 102mm x 102mm  including bleed.


Sizing is based on multiples of area used, with a base size for each multiple of 90mm x 54mm finished size.

Each area is then multiplied out, adding bleed area in between, to allow for the grouping of labels.

Print can of course be portrait or landscape on the label.


Sizes are

1M (1 Multiple) 

- 90mm x 54mm

2M (2 Multiple)

- 110mm x 90mm

- 182mm x 54mm

3M (3 Multiple)

- 166mm x 90mm

- 274mm x 54mm

4M (4 Multiple)

- 182mm x 110mm

- 222mm x 90mm

5M (5 Multiple)

- 278mm x 90mm

6M (6 Multiple)

- 182mm x 166mm

- 274mm x 110mm

- 334mm x 90mm

8M (8 Multiple)

- 222mm x 182mm

- 366mm x 110mm


Note - Only 1 sticker can be cut from any size. 

Stickers can not be grouped into a larger size.

Cutting may not be possible as it is guillotine cut.

Additional charges will apply which may not be cost effective.


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